Professional Drain Clearing & Unblocking Services Norfolk and Suffolk.


Is your toilet water rising dangerously high? Do you have a blocked sink, bad odours or an overflowing gully?

A blocked drain can lead to all sorts of issues – Norfolk Drain Solutions is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide a professional, cost-effective drain unblocking.


We can help you with:

  • Blocked drains
  • Overflowing manholes & gullies
  • Toilet, sink and bath blockages
  • Dishwasher & washing machine flooding
  • Blocked showers
  • Investigating and eliminating bad smells
  • Clearing commercial and industrial pipes


Drain cleaning and unblocking Norfolk,Norfolk

Drain cleaning for all drain cleaning please give us a call.

Drain unblocking in Acle, Norfolk

We just unblocked a drain in Acle, Norfolk. Our guys turned up within the hour and the unblocking only took a few minutes – If you are in Acle and need your drains unblocked, Call us today for a no-obligation quote.


Drain cleaning and unblocking Norwich,

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Drain clearance

Norfolk drain solutions uses pressures of up to 4000 PSI pounds per square inch to remove congested contamination which may be causing the blockage. we aim to clean your drains so they look like new and free of problem


Drain clearance in Attleborough, Norfolk

Drain clearance attleborough called out to clean drain for landlord who i do all drain works for all around norfolk


Drain clean

drain clean we offer a full clean on all your drains and drain run we aim to get ride of all fat build ups and waste that has built up over the years, our jetter will jet up to 4000 PSI to insure that we leave them like new

High-Pressure Water Jetting.

High-pressure water jetting to quickly restore full flow. 

High-pressure water jetting is a method of cleaning drains and removing difficult materials such as grease, fat, debris, and garden and toilet waste from both internal and external drains quickly and easily. Powerful water jets remove the build-up from pipes, clean out waste to restore full flow.

If our CCTV survey identifies a blockage or obstruction in your drainage system, our drainage specialists will use the High-Pressure Water Jetting equipment installed in our vehicles to clear it fast and effectively.


High-Pressure Water Jetting is used for:


  • Clearing persistent blockages
  • Cleaning Drains
  • Drain clearing without excavation


CCTV Drain Surveys.

We use CCTV technology to uncover the source of a drainage issue and identify the most appropriate solution. Our CCTV Drain Surveys can also make sure that all blockages have been successfully removed. 


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If you require assistance with blocked drains, please get in touch. Our team is available for any domestic or commercial & industrial drainage emergency.