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Drain repair and pipework repair services.

If your home is connected to the public sewer system, you will have a sequence of sewer lines and gullies that connect your home to the sewer system. These drains must stay in good working order so that wastewater can flow from your property into the public sewer. 

Our drain repair services keep things running efficiently by ensuring that drains remain in good working order so that wastewater can flow freely from your property into the public sewer.

Gullies and drainage pipes are the two primary components of an on-mains drainage system. A gully will transfer greywater from the premises to the public drain (grey water is waste and filthy water from kitchens and bathrooms that is not flushed down the toilet. If a drain leaks, it’s critical to have it fixed as soon as possible to prevent waste from escaping and causing damage to your home.


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Drain Excavations And Repair.

In many properties, drains will require repair at some point for a variety of reasons. It’s usually because of the use of old pipework and corrosion that can cause them to deteriorate over time.

We will undertake a CCTV drain survey before beginning any drain repair or excavation work to determine the best method for dealing with the problem.

Once the issue/s are located, we will determine the least invasive entry point for exposing the broken pipework and then proceed to replace the main drainpipes and address any other drainage system issues.

We offer drain repair services to commercial, industrial and domestic clients.

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Efficient Drain and Pipe Lining Services, Norfolk.


Drain Repair and Pipe Lining Experts.

Are your drainage system’s damaged pipes and misaligned drain joints causing frequent blockages?
You can now easily fix it without having to spend the money and hassle on the excavation of pipework.

Pipe/Drain lining is a modern drain repair method that involves inserting a new sleeve into an existing damaged drain, mending the crack or damage from within the drain and eliminating excavation. Pipe lining is a speedier, mess-free, and cost-effective alternative to standard drain repair and excavation methods.


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When a drain is ruptured, drain lining can be utilised to avoid having to dig up the ground for a complete repair.

Both residential and business drains can be lined by our drainage engineers and we are conveniently located just outside of Norfolk Central, allowing us access to properties in and around the Norfolk and Suffolk area quickly.


Norfolk Drain Solutions can help you with:

  •   Drain Lining Repairs
  •   Ambient Cured Lining and Heat Cured Lining
  •   Drain Relining


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Norfolk Drain Solutions has been undertaking drain repairs and no-dig pipe lining for over 40 years, we provide the most cost-effective and efficient solution for drain and pipe repair in Norfolk.


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