Please See Some of the Questions and Answers We Get Asked Most Often About the Services We Offer.


Why are my drains blocked?

Hair in the bath, fat and grease in the kitchen, and excessive amounts of toilet tissue and non-biodegradable materials (such as sanitary products and nappies) down the toilet are all examples of waste that could cause blockages in the drainage network.

Blocked drains might also be the result of underlying problems such as structural issues. Our team of fully trained engineers, who are equipped with the tools and know-how to quickly tackle situations like these, can help. In addition, we provide a 24-hour call-out service if the issues are severe- we are available when you need us.


How can I tell if my drains are blocked or becoming blocked?

There are a few visible signs that your drains are clogged –

  • Is the volume of water in your toilet higher than usual?
  • Is it common for smells to linger after flushing the toilet?
  • Is there a foul odour coming from the gullies?

If these signs are tackled early on, we can address the source of the problem and prevent it from becoming an emergency issue. Be quick to notice these issues because it is much less expensive to remedy a minor issue than to wait for it to become a major one.

Do you offer high-pressure water jetting?

Yes, we do! All our vans are equipped with High-Pressure Water Jetting Equipment for drain cleaning.


How would a CCTV survey benefit me when buying a property?

If you are considering investing in a new home or commercial property, it is critical to find out as much as possible about it beforehand.

If you happen to have been informed that the property has had drainage issues in the past, a CCTV Survey is an effective way to uncover any possible issues. This will provide the present owner and yourself an idea of how expensive this problem could be, which could save you time and money.

Can you repair my drains without excavating?

We offer a range of drain repair services including localised drain lining and full-length drain lining. In many instances, these methods can be used instead of conventional excavation and avoid digging up your property.

What if you can’t repair my drains?

We can always repair your drains – however, when drain lining is no longer an option due to corroded drain pipes, for example, excavation is then the only method of drain repair, our team will work to keep disruption to a minimum.


Should I get CCTV Survey to assess any other issues?

We recommend getting a CCTV inspection if you are aware of specific concerns that seem to recur regularly. Strange smells lingering around drains, toilets that regularly become blocked, and waste that refuses to flush are the three most prevalent causes of drainage issues.

We can rapidly detect the problem thanks to our CCTV Survey technology, and we can supply you with an assessment report that explains the issues in simple terms. In addition, a free quotation will be provided to give you an idea of the cost of resolving the issue. If you need a CCTV Survey in Norfolk or Suffolk areas – we can help.


Will I pay for a call-out charge in an emergency?

We will respond to your call as quickly as possible if you require a drain emergency visit. We don’t charge a call-out fee for any of our services. The price that we quote you will be the amount that you pay; there will be no hidden charges. It’s as simple as that.


Do you offer a guarantee for your work?

Yes, we do – were confident in all the quality of work we carry out. We offer 30 days guarantee from the first visit.


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